Senior Cruisers: Five Hints To Enjoy The Very Best One For You PDF Print E-mail

We've been on a dozen or so cruises since my retirement, and have some suggestions on how to make the best and most satisfying deals. You may not agree with these ideas, but we enjoyed our cruises much more when we did them right.

Senior Travelers: Will Your 2009 Spending Help the Economy Recover? PDF Print E-mail

Travelwise seniors should consider recent remarks by Ben Stein, quiz show host, TV eyewash pitchman/news commentator, college economics prof and former Nixon speechwriter. Stein, age 64, insists that the best way for the economy to recover from the financial disasters of 2008 is for all consumers to get out and spend more in 2009.

Senior Flyers: To Get Action, Complain Where it Will Do the Most Good PDF Print E-mail

Sitting in the airport or inside a scheduled flight, we could face many problems. Not just the everyday glitches about weather delays, mixed up schedules and equipment repairs. But also those personal happenings that should have never happened to little old me.

Tips To Seniors For Wintertime Travels With Grandkids PDF Print E-mail

Not just for the traditional holiday season, but how about leaving the parents at home and doing some exciting winter travel with your grandkids? You know you spoil those kids, so wouldn’t it be fun to be with them exclusively when no parents are around to tell you you’re spoiling them? And don’t forget to make a video or photo record of all the memorable events you’ve planned. Here are just a few ideas.

Senior Singles Traveling Alone: Tips for Meeting New People PDF Print E-mail

When you were much younger, vigorous and good looking, you probably had no trouble meeting new people while roaming alone. If you were really lucky, you were overwhelmed by eager characters wanting to meet you. On the other hand, if you’re now 55 plus, and although you’re still quite a handsome character, you must admit your good looks have matured a bit. Meeting people while traveling may have become a more complicated task. But don’t be discouraged, take a positive attitude and jump in with both feet to what could be an enjoyable experience.


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