Ten Scams Seniors Can Avoid PDF Print E-mail

As traveling seniors, in the minds of some sleazy operators, we wear big virtual signs: EASY TO RIP-OFF! Here are some ways to prevent this.

Ten Ways to Make Your Hotel Stay Safe PDF Print E-mail

Many seniors feel insecure when in large hotels, fearing their age and physical condition could make them vulnerable to potentially dangerous situations. Here are some tips that could ease some of that concern:

Ten Safety Tips For Senior Women Traveling Single PDF Print E-mail

A good friend, a very competent media professional, frequently travels alone on business and vacation. The experienced lady always takes sensible precautions to protect herself. Here’s her list of suggestions and warnings for senior women traveling alone.

Five Tried & True Tips For Light & Easy Travel PDF Print E-mail

Now that some airlines are charging extra for luggage, fight back by lightening your load and don’t check anything. Of course, there are occasions when dragging along heavy bags is necessary. You do it usually just because you’ve always done it for those long overseas journeys, such as cruises and group excursions. However, if you really want to be smart, most of those trips don't require checking luggage.

Five Tips for Less Stressful Holiday Tripping PDF Print E-mail

We assume you won’t be in that stressful department store line with the other kids to sit on Santa’s lap this year, even if you could still fit. So, here are some tips on making your holiday travels and travails a little more Santa-like and a bit less stressful.


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