Ship your luggage, don't lug it with you PDF Print E-mail
A great tip we found today on the AARP website.  THe article discusses the different options for shipping your luggage, instead of lugging it with you.   Read more HERE.  The idea is, especially with airlines charging a bag fee, is to pack and ship your bags via FEDEX or UPS from your home to your hotel.  Both companies will pick up at your house, offer excellent tracking, and are probably more reliable than the airlines. 
Ten Ways to Beat the Rip-Off Artists While Traveling PDF Print E-mail

As a senior traveler, you should always be aware that you’re high on the list of potential victims by scam artists. They know you’re not as agile and quick-thinking as you once were, and they’re ready to rob you, whether in physical robber or to con you into wasting your money. Here are ten ways to avoid dangers and scams while traveling:

Turbulence Tips: How to Deal With Bumpy Flights PDF Print E-mail
"Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy night!" The famed line is from "All About Eve," spoken in her gritty style by the great Bette Davis. Of course, she wasn't talking about airplane flights, but more likely commenting on some flighty Hollywood love triangle.

ATM tips for foreign travel PDF Print E-mail

Two good ATM tips if you are traveling internationally. 

Tips to get a great hotel room when checking in PDF Print E-mail

Here's a great tip to get that primo hotel room.  When checking in, after you've been assigned a room, tell the clerk:


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