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When waiting in the terminal, on a long flight, in a hotel, camping or anywhere else you’re traveling, NETFLIX can be your best buddy. With more than 100,000 DVD titles and adding more every day, there are many choices to make for viewing during your journeys. You can play NETFLIX DVDs just about anywhere. Some airline seats have DVD players and many hotel room TVs also have them. You can take along your own small DVD player, which costs about $50, or you can play your NETFLIX DVDs on your laptop computer.



Do you want to brush up your Shakespeare while on the road? There are dozens of titles, including Olivier’s immortal “Hamlet” and “Henry V”. Or view “Kiss Me Kate”, the Broadway version of his “The Taming of the Shrew”?

Would you enjoy opera in the air? Check the long NETFLIX list of your favorites, including “Carmen”, “Pagliacci”, “Aida” and many others? Or would you prefer to see Mario Lanza sing many familiar arias in the movie, “The Great Caruso”?

Would you like to watch DVDs of the Three Tenors sing both opera and popular songs, including “Singin’ in the Rain”? Or you can take along the original Gene Kelly classic movie of the same name? If you’re on a camping or fishing trip with your senior pals, you may want to sing along with the music of the DVDs at the campfire.

In addition to musicals and Broadway offerings, NETFLIX includes many interesting offerings for the senior traveler to make the journey more enjoyable. Consider taking DVDs on language studies, exercise routines, history, geography, travel destinations and an almost unlimited number of other interesting subjects.

What does a NETFLIX subscription cost? It is very economical if you compare it to going to a movie house and shelling out $10 or more per ticket per person, plus gas, plus parking. There are many kinds of subscriptions, with the basic one costing about $20 a month for three DVDs out at a time.

There’s no limit of DVDs you can have for that price, as long as you only keep three at a time. Other subscriptions allow for holding more than three, if you prefer taking extras on a long journey. Mailing both ways is free and there are no late nor subscription cancellation charges.

If you’re not already a happy subscriber, click on NETFLIX.COM for complete information to get going with this great companion for senior travelers.

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