Denver CO: Rocky Mountain High With Legal Pot

Some of our now-sedate senior readers may want to bring back memories of  their 1960s hippie days. Recall nights of secret marijuana parties in campus dorms or behind the barracks. Their travel plans could perk up now that pot is legal in Colorado, and some Denver travel organizations offer special events related to the hemp product.

While still forbidden in that state to smoke pot in public, there are opportunities for tourists to consume various marijuana products without breaking the law. For example, party buses and limos tour the Rockies while sightseers can smoke or eat pot-based products. Enroute they can indulge while creatively appreciating the beautiful snow-capped scenery and surrounding clouds, both inside and outside.

Awesome sight in Arizona USA PDF Print E-mail

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Now they know why it’s called the Graaaaaand Caaaaaanyon

Psst! Wanna see some Los Angeles gangs? PDF Print E-mail

Bogart in bullet-riddled car

Visit LA's notorious gangland

If you’ve visited Los Angeles in previous travels, and are tired of movie star home tours, Betty Grable legs in cement and Walk of Stars sidewalk freaks, here’s an unusual experience that may appeal to you.

For a mere $65, on your next trip you can sign up for a tour of the ill-famed South Central area of Los Angeles, where the Crips, Bloods and other gangs still roam the streets. Of course, you’ll be protected on a bus with a guide most of the time, but you could have the thrill of seeing a drug deal go down, street hookers working or cops dragging a couple of tough guys off in handcuffs. What more fun would you want?

Hometown vs online travel agency: Which to use? PDF Print E-mail

Cruise ship

Q: We’ll soon be taking our first cruise, and before we decide, we’d like your opinion. How do we get the best deal, by booking through the internet or the travel agency in our hometown?

Submitted by Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Clarke

What to do when your flight is snowed in ... PDF Print E-mail

Sleeping dogs

Try to relax and have a cat dog nap

Airport gripe? Don't get mad, get the boss PDF Print E-mail

Angry man

Screening can make you feel like screaming

Because of recent terrorist scares, annoying airport security routines are getting to be even more of a pain. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been tempted to raise your hand against a pushy ATC airport security guard who gets too personal or tosses everything out of your carry-on bag. OK, that’s everyone in the class. Seriously, no matter how angry you get about your experience in that gauntlet of humiliation called airport screening, keep your cool.

Recently, an AirTran pilot was fined $100 for grabbing the hand of a security guard because he believed she was messing too much with the plastic tray full of his valuables just before it went through the x-ray. The incident happened at Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport.


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