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Q: I met a great guy on an LA-Mexico cruise. We hit it off immediately, and when when ashore for a sunset beach stroll, it was togetherness for the rest of the cruise. The problem is that I’m in the middle of a divorce, and I told him I was single. He wants to book us for another cruise in September, this time Fort Lauderdale-Bahamas. He says he’s single, too, has a great job and offered to pay my way on the Bahamas cruise. I’m not sure he’s telling the truth either. Should I take a chance and go for the new cruise?

Lovers on beach

A: What do we look like here on www.travel55plus.com, a lonely hearts club? We’re experts in travel, not romance. However, we can tell you that cruises always create an emotional wonderland, a temporary fantasy world that often masks reality. That’s why all the fibs and promises work on new romances at sea. Or at least delay the truth until we must face real life on shore.

Tell the romantic guy the truth. Give him an idea of when you’ll be completely free. Ask him to level with you, too. Then, when there are no spouses or other complications keeping you apart, accept the invitation for the Bahamas cruise. If you feel you can afford to pay your own way on this cruise, tell him so. He’ll respect your indepenence. Then, if you really enjoy each other’s ... er ... company, why not get together again. And again. And again.


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