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How Can I Survive Airport Delays, Delays and More Delays? PDF Print E-mail

Q: After enduring all the airport check-in delays, and then further delays as the airplane sits on the runway too many times, my temper gets more tested every time it happens. Other than kicking out the window and running back to the terminal, what can I do to try to calm down?

Senior Single Cruise: Is It For Me? PDF Print E-mail

Q: I’m a newly-divorced single guy. I’m still in good physical and financial shape at age 57, and would like to get my personal life kick-started again. Someone suggested I sign up for a single seniors cruise. Is that a good idea?

Senior Clean Freak Laments: If I Go On a Cruise, I'll see Dirt Everywhere PDF Print E-mail

Q: I’m a 68-year-old retired surgical nurse, and should be able to handle all situations. But when friends invited me to join them on a cruise, I lied about a family visit scheduled. The truth is that after years of supervising hospital medical and janitorial staffs in ERs, I’m still crazily obsessed with cleanliness. Before I leave my house every day I spend an hour vacuuming and dusting. I’d very much like to take that cruise, but how can I do it without being a pain-in-the-neck clean freak?

What About Hot Travel Deals Offered by Telemarketers? PDF Print E-mail

Q: We keep getting phone calls, some of them recorded, about very economical vacation packages to Florida, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Mexico, the Bahamas and other places. The low prices sound just too good to be true? Should we buy one of those packages or at least follow up and call the 800 numbers and get more information?

Traditional vs Freestyle Dining on Cruises PDF Print E-mail

Q: We’ll be cruising soon for the first time in several years. When we sailed before, all dining was with assigned seats at the same table at the same assigned time for all sit-down meals throughout the cruise. For one or two nights, couples had to gussie up in formal dress and suit and tie. Some men wore tuxes. Now, we’ve been told our next trip will have “freestyle cruising”. What does that mean?


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