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*Q: My lady love, age 52, is asking me, age 61, to accompany her on a nude vacation in Denmark. It isn’t that I’m in bad shape ... I run five miles every morning ... but I feel uncomfortable about baring it all for all to see. What do you recommend?

A: We’ll say, “Go for it!”, although we were tempted to voice our approval with “let it all hang out”, but that’s a bit too raw. Seriously, there are many nude spas, beaches and other vacation destinations around the world. Some are very basic, while others, including cruises, are super luxurious.

Cartoon of nudist


Some advantages are that you don’t have to pack too many clothes, your laundry costs will be low, and these days nudism advocates (naturists) have taken up the green theme. They claim nudism is our natural state, and it gives those who practice it the incentive to live simpler lives.

We were in Denmark recently as part of a Scandinavian cruise, and it’s a beautiful country, full of handsome people of all ages. Must be something about the brisk fresh air and smorgasbords. We were told that nudist bathing is the norm at all of Denmark’s beaches, so we made sure to visit several. Expecting sandy stretches full of 20-something tanned blonde specimens, our peeking eyes were met by mountains of aging, sun-reddened flesh. Fortunately the trip wasn’t entirely wasted, because we did see some younger, fitter bare Danes playing volleyball and chasing each other on the beach.

So, if you feel brave enough to go nude in Denmark or at any other locations in nudist-approving nations, it would be best to book a hotel with a beachfront location. However, we don’t believe some of your exposed parts would be very happy cavorting on a wintertime nude beach in Denmark, Sweden, Alaska or Iceland. If it isn’t too emBARE-ASSing, ask your favorite online or neighborhood travel agency about nude vacation destinations.

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