Tokyo, Japan: Driverless Taxis Soon On The Streets?

In this advanced tech nation, where robot hotel bellhops lug luggage and humanoid clerks check you in, this shouldn’t be unexpected. According to official reports, visitors will be able to hail computerized cabs in the Japanese capital city by 2020.

Consider the possibilities. If you remember the 1976 movie, Taxi Driver, would you want a robotically insane Robert De Niro (Travis Bickle) driving you around town? Also, after settling into back seat, will the automatic taxi driver automatically run up the meter by taking the longest route to your hotel?

If there’s a major pro sports event or convention in town, will the automatic taxi driver automatically up the rate 500 percent? Will the mechanical taxi driver refuse to take anyone wearing a hoodie? Will the robot taxi driver be programmed to laugh hysterically as it aims at little old ladies in wheelchairs as they cross the street?

Will we too soon have to say sayonara to Tokyo’s human taxi drivers?

Humor in the Air: These Will Give You a Flying Yuk PDF Print E-mail

Southwest is our favorite airline, and probably the only one still flying without being chased by bankruptcy lawyers. In addition to its great ability to get to destinations on time at somewhat reasonable prices, its crew members are the best stand-up comedians in the air. Here are several examples we heard on recent trips:

Megabus, which offers fares as low as $1 and free WiFi, just announced that it will give away 100,000 seats. The fares can be booked on the company's website for travel from Jan. 14 through March 18. To get a free seat you must enter the promo code greenbus.
Review: Eiffel Tower Experience PDF Print E-mail

Replica of Eiffel Tower, Las Vegas
Magnifique Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Right? Wrong! It’s the replica at Paris Resort, Las Vegas

Maybe it isn’t the original, but it is an impressive 3/5th replica of it, the tallest structure in Las Vegas (540 feet), and offers spectacular day and night 360 degree viewing. You can see the glittering city, busy aircraft activity at nearby Las Vegas Airport, surrounding desert and mountains. There’s a glass-paned elevator to take you to the observation deck as well as to the glitzy Eiffel Tower Restaurant.

Buckingham Palace Guard, London PDF Print E-mail
Travel Desination: Monument Valley, Arizona PDF Print E-mail

If you’re interested in seeing some of the most beautiful scenery in America, visit Monument Valley. For old Western movie buffs, it is a kind of Valhalla of Hollywood immortals John Wayne and director John Ford. In 1939, Ford brought his film crew and unknown young actor Wayne to the Valley to make "Stagecoach".


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