T&L: America’s Rudest Cities for Visitors

According to a recent Travel&Leisure Magazine article, the five cities in the U.S. where citizens are not too cordial to tourists are:

1. Los Angeles: That’ll be another $10 for your waiter, 'cause he really needs the dough. He came out here from Podunk to become a big movie star. He ain’t quite made it yet, but your contribution will keep him going a little longer before he has to go back home.

2. New York: Hey, I’m walkin’ here! You think you own the sidewalk or sumpin’? This is my Noo Yawk! Get outa my face, tourist! But first unload your wallet!

3. Philadelphia: Who sez Philly is the City of Brotherly Love? I don’t even like my sister, so pay for your hoagie and scram outa here!

4. Miami: Yeah, it ain’t the heat, it’s the humidity. I know we raised the prices on rooms at our dumpy hotel 200 percent, but ya know, it’s the season. And down here, the season is from January 1 to December 31.

5. Washington DC: Don’t ask me where the Lincoln Memorial is. Go find it yerself, tourist. I’m busy lobbying Congress to get a billion or so to keep my bank from going broke and to pay off more execs with huge cash bonuses.

Just kiddin’. We totally disagree with the listing, and have always found those cities welcoming to tourists with courtesy, great bargains and wonderful experiences.

Senior Travelers' Top Ten New Year's Resolutions PDF Print E-mail

Senior Travelers: Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions

I swear on my Morocco-bound original copy of “Gulliver’s Travels” that in this brand new year, I will:

1. Visit a local department store during its big after-holidays sale, where I can find peace and quiet and be totally alone by myself.

Seniors' Guide to Luxury Hotels in Las Vegas PDF Print E-mail

Why not forget all the bad stuff that happened in 2008 and start out the New Year fresh with a trip to Sin City? And remember that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, including your troubles, worries and your money. An older and more applicable motto for Sin City refers to its thousands of hotel rooms: if you have to ask, you can't afford it.

Senior House Swap: Different, Economical Travel Experience PDF Print E-mail

We’re retirees who live in a mountain foothills community in Southern Arizona next to the hot, dry Sonora Desert. Our home association’s Olympic-sized pool is two minutes away, a supermarket and row of restaurants are five minutes away, and a large upscale resort hotel with an 18-hole championship golf course is just ten minutes up the street.

Seniors Can Sleep and Eat on the Cheap in Paris PDF Print E-mail

Sounds like a contradiction? Doing the most expenisve, overpriced city in the world on a budget? Well, it can be done, and this senior couple “done” it. First, we had accumulated enough frequent flyer miles on American to fly free. We gathered the miles by paying for our daughter’s Ivy League college tuition by credit card.

For First Time in 30 Years, Vegas Becomes a Winter Wonderland PDF Print E-mail

The last time there was any measurable snow in Las Vegas, Jimmy Carter was in his last year in the White House, and Ronald Reagan was just beginning his campaign to run for President. Baby Britney Spears wouldn't enter the world for three more years.


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