Onboard ads add up to revenue for airlines

As if we aren’t fed up enough with the increasingly annoying ads flashing on TV and computer screens. Next time you fly you may find yourself surrounded by equally bothersome poster ads tacked onto every inappropriate inch of your airplane.

Spirit Airlines, Ryan Air and others are raking in millions of dollars from sponsors by displaying ads. Passengers will not only see the big ads, but also little ones on tray tables, barf bags, flight attendant aprons and every other space they can think of.

Relaxing on deck during a senior cruise PDF Print E-mail
Cruise ship relaxation
David in Florence PDF Print E-mail
David in Florence
A Trip To Marrakesh Morocco and Madrid Spain - Part 1 PDF Print E-mail

Read about our trip to Africa and the exotic city of Marrakesh Morocco.

Tips To Seniors For Wintertime Travels With Grandkids PDF Print E-mail

Not just for the traditional holiday season, but how about leaving the parents at home and doing some exciting winter travel with your grandkids? You know you spoil those kids, so wouldn’t it be fun to be with them exclusively when no parents are around to tell you you’re spoiling them? And don’t forget to make a video or photo record of all the memorable events you’ve planned. Here are just a few ideas.

Senior Travelers' Top Ten New Year's Resolutions PDF Print E-mail

Senior Travelers: Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions

I swear on my Morocco-bound original copy of “Gulliver’s Travels” that in this brand new year, I will:

1. Visit a local department store during its big after-holidays sale, where I can find peace and quiet and be totally alone by myself.


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