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man in pot

There are always annoying incidents of multi-hour delays at airports. Flights grounded on the tarmac for grueling hours while passengers steamed and fussed, forbidden to get off the reeking plane to find clean bathrooms and other basic human facilities.

The anger inside a recent Middle East Airlines flight scheduled from London Heathrow was described as something out of "Lord of the Flies", as stranded people went berserk and threatened physical attacks on the crew.

There were other more creative things they could have done. So, next time it happens to you, here are some suggestions on how to pass the stretched-out time more pleasantly:

1. Start a game of strip poker. This won’t get the plane off the ground any sooner, but if the flight attendants join in on the game, no one will care.

2. Join hands and sing coom ba ya until the flight crew goes nuts and opens the cabin door and jumps out screaming for help.

3. Over the intercom, play a speech by Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin or any other politicians. Soon, everyone will fall asleep and they won’t notice the delay any more.

4. Carry on with carry-ons. Take down all the bags from the overhead bins and use them for a pillow fight, pitting passengers vs crew.

5. Remember “Lord of the Rings”? After eight hours and the food supply runs out, drag the fattest passenger to the galley’s microwave oven.

If you do it right, you'll never have to complain about a delay again!

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