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Come Fly With Me Could Have a Whole New Meaning PDF Print E-mail

This could be an airline guy’s idea of a joke, but at a recent news conference in London, Ryanair CEO Mike O’Leary said he’s considering putting pay toilets on his commercial aircraft. If he isn’t kidding, this could make flying, already becoming more painful every day, an even worse ordeal.

One British newspaper reports that O'Leary "is touting the idea of putting a coin slot on the toilet door as a means of raising ‘discretionary revenue.' Hmm. Wouldn’t that better be described as “excrecionary revenue”?

Senior Memories: See This Year's Yankee Pre-Season Games at 1923 Tickets Prices PDF Print E-mail

Are you a fan of vintage baseball, a New York resident or will be visiting the Big Apple on April 3 and 4? If so, you may want to be in the stands of the new Yankee Stadium and relive a bit of history. There will be two pre-season games between the Yankees and the Chicago Cubs on those days. Team owners are charging the same prices for tickets as they did for the 1923 season Major League opener on April 18 of that vintage year. A limited number of bleacher tickets will be sold for 25 cents and grandstand seats will be $1.10.

New Volcano Appears on Las Vegas Strip, Not A Mirage!!! PDF Print E-mail

Check out the video of the big ceremony here.

Top 10 Senior Health Travel Tips PDF Print E-mail

TRAVEL4SENIORS.COM, the premiere senior travel website offering news, reviews, information, discounts and more, offers top ten health and safety tips for seasoned wanderers, for both health and happiness and stress-free family travel.

Say Goodbye to That Fuel Supplement on Cruises (for now) PDF Print E-mail

Both Royal Caribbean and Carnival have now removed that pesky fuel surcharge.


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