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CNN reports that cash-strapped British Airways has asked its 40,000 employees to work for a month without pay. BA’s CEO Willie Walsh explains that the airline lost $656 million in the past year, the most in the history of the airline. He admitted that if the losses continue, there must soon be severe cuts in service and employee ranks.

We know this should be no joking matter, but can you imagine what kind of service you’ll get if you’re a passenger on a BA aircraft staffed with unpaid pilots and flight attendants?

Airplane in flight


Pilot to passengers: Good morning, this is Captain Standish speaking. Today we’re scheduled to fly from London to New York, or wherever the hell I choose to take you.

Flight attendant to passenger who asks for a drink: Get it yourself. There’s a paper cup and water tap in the aircraft toilet. Then, return to your seat, fasten your belt, sit back and enjoy your flight.

Copilot to passengers: Good morning, this is Second Officer Smythe-Jones. Before we take off, our flight attendants will now come by and ask each of you to make a contribution. Your generosity will allow members of the crew to feed our children and pay our rent.

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