Speedy Scooters Vs Senior Sidewalkers = Daily Dangers

It’s happening every day in cities around the USA, including those frequently strolled by traveling seniors. In Los Angeles, New York and beach cities on both coasts, the electric toys for grown-ups are dangerous.

The introduction of scooters just a few years ago has blossomed into armies of racing electric skaters. Many, single and in packs, speed along sidewalks aimlessly knocking over anyone and anything in their paths. By law, they’re supposed to travel on the street in bike lanes. However, too frequently they race up and down sidewalks at speeds far greater than the advertised 15 MPH.

On your next travel destination while strolling in Central Park, Chicago lakefront or along Hollywood Boulevard, be constantly aware of competing for space with scooter traffic. Look both ways before you suddenly decide to turn to walk into that souvenir shop or for a bite to eat at a nearby McDonald’s. Your next painful option after a scooter collision may be to try to get back up or be taken to the hospital.

Destination: Latigo Dude Ranch, Colorado PDF Print E-mail

Horseback rider

Tenderbuttfoot at Latigo Dude Ranch, Colorado
Voted the best dude ranch in the US by many travel experts, the Latigo in Colorado offers great weekly summer programs from June 20 through August 21, and its special Roundup Week from September 19 to 25.

Latigo is located in the heart of the Rockies 130 miles west of Denver. If you fly into Denver, you can rent a car and leisurely see the beautiful Colorado mountain scenery on your way to the ranch, or ride a commercially-operated shuttle to the ranch location in the Kremmling area.

Being bumped from flights can be infuriating! PDF Print E-mail

Cartoon of couple running

All that running, just to be bumped?

Q: A couple of friends are really ticked off about being involuntarily bumped from a flight. Their taxi was caught in traffic and they got to the loading gate five minutes before the flight. The airline had already given their seats to stand-by passengers, but found them a later flight, and they missed connecting flights. They complained, but got no explanation nor offer to pay for their delays. What did they do wrong?

A: They may have done nothing wrong if they followed the rules. There are situations where being bumped involuntarily should have some cooperation from the airline. First, if you are bumped, immediately get a written statement from the check-in clerk and in many cases you should be eligible for recompensation. Ask to get on the next flight to your destination by that airline or on any other available one with similar flight schedules.

Souvenir shop & town name, Wales UK PDF Print E-mail

And you thought spelling Pawtucket in the

Commonwealth of Massachusetts was tough!

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