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With several casino bus accidents within just the past few days in California, there are growing concerns about their safety. CNN recently revealed info about the U.S. Department of Transportation shutting down over 50 unsafe private bus companies nationwide.

With more casinos opening throughout the country all the time, seniors who like to gamble often go aboard those types of buses.The bus companies are paid by the casinos, so usually the come-on is a free round-trip ride, plus free gambling money of $10 and up. 

If you’re planning a casino bus ride, before you sign on, make sure the company has established currently updated and clear safety records. Also consider alternatives. For example, contact a local limo service. In addition to the more comfortable door-to-door ride, if you can take four or five people with you, the shared cost may be worth the investment. Private car is another alternative, and cost is much less if you’re with a group. Further, to get to your casino bus pick-up point in town and back home again, you may have to ride public transportation or get someone to drive you there to wait for the bus.

Another concern is that the free bus trips involve staying at the casino for just a few hours. Traveling by limo or private car allows you to spend as much time in the casino as you wish, including overnight stays where there are hotel accommodations. For more info, go to www.cnn.com/2013/12/12/travel/dot-unsafe-bus-companies/index.html#disqus_thread

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