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After years renting with Budget for local trips out of Los Angeles, we tried Advantage as their rates were too good to pass up.  Thru their website, we secured a basic car for $19.95 per day for a four day ski rental.   Using our Miles and More Lufthansa MasterCard, we resverved the car and declined all the extra, expensive coverage.  We reviewed our credit card agreement carefully with regards to their car rental insurance and learned some important things.  First, to be covered by MasterCard, we needed to decline any and all insurance offered by the rental car company.  We also noted the coverage was only for vehicles worth under $25,000., which may disqualify a great deal of cars and four wheel drive rental vehicles.  Always review your card agreement carefully if you plan to use your card's insurance coverage.  Once you know your agreement, confidently decline the coverage, even though the counter agent will give you a song and dance about how your card doesnt cover enough (it does) and how worthwhile their worry-free coverage is, usually at a cost of 30% of the rental fee.  Don't fall for it.  I only say this for people using Amex or other major travel credit cards which offer rental car coverage.  If you don't have this, the coverage offered by the rental car company can offer peace of mind, at a cost.


The Advantage location was at LAX so we took the subway from our downtown Los Angeles location to Union Station, where we caught the Flyaway Airport bus direct to LAX for $15.00 roundtrip.  Once at LAX, we got off at Terminal 1, and went downstairs to await the Advantage shuttle.  We called the office, and the shuttle was there in 5 minutes.   It was 1 pm on a non holiday Wednesday afternoon, so the office was empty, we were in the car and away in 10 minutes.


The car was a 2010 Nissan Versa and performed fine for a small econocar.  We took the car to Big Bear to ski, read the article coming soon.   The car was returned without problem, and we were charged the quoted rate.  We took the Advantage shuttle back to LAX for our return home.


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All-inclusive vacation packages for singles PDF Print E-mail

Cruise ship

Cruises offer luxurious setting for meeting someone new

They’re trips created, designed and advertised specifically for single adults, including seniors. The vacation packages are exclusively for unmarried (or those pretending to be unmarried) people seeking to connect up with other unmarried (or pretending to be unmarried) people.

The most popular all-inclusive vacation packages for singles can be listed in three general categories:

1. Singles-only cruises: These packages, sometimes including air travel in the price, offer everything a traveler needs from the moment of boarding the ship. Amenities include a comfortable cabin and never-ending fun activities throughout the voyage, until on the final day's debarking at the home port. All meals, snacks, pools, spas, entertainment, dancing, single-mingle events, romancing and other on-board activities are included in the package.

Q: Where does a 600-lb elder gorilla go in the fall? PDF Print E-mail


A: Any damn place he wants! With autumn and winter vacation destinations at their lowest prices in years, seniors of any species have thousands of bargain choices for places to visit and enjoy. For instance, cruise costs this time of year are down 50 percent and more.

Hotel prices in New York, Hollywood, Las Vegas and San Francisco are down 30 percent. Mexican Riviera resort prices are down 24 percent, and Hawaii is calling with discounts of up to 20 percent on hotel-air packages.

It’s a price-war jungle out there, and you can swing along with the super deals, many tailored just for seniors. Now’s the time to go ape over the savings you can realize by booking your next vacation. Call your favorite hometown or online travel agency right now and get the good news.

Senior Travelers: Join AARP for Discounts, Deals & Destinations PDF Print E-mail

If you’ve been living in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan, and are not familiar with one of the largest and most influential non-profit, nonpartisan organizations in America, here are some facts about the American Association for Retired Persons. Membership is for people age 50 and over, and costs just a total of $12.50 a year per single member or couple. Current enrollment is 25 million and growing every year. The U.S. population is trending toward a higher percentage of older people, the ranks now being exploded by baby boomers born in the late 1940s and through the 1950s. Estimates indicate that people 50 and older are about 82 million in 2009, but within 15 years, the numbers could reach 120 million, or about 38 percent of the entire population.


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