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If you’ve been living in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan, and are not familiar with one of the largest and most influential non-profit, nonpartisan organizations in America, here are some facts about the American Association for Retired Persons. Membership is for people age 50 and over, and costs just a total of $12.50 a year per single member or couple. Current enrollment is 25 million and growing every year. The U.S. population is trending toward a higher percentage of older people, the ranks now being exploded by baby boomers born in the late 1940s and through the 1950s. Estimates indicate that people 50 and older are about 82 million in 2009, but within 15 years, the numbers could reach 120 million, or about 38 percent of the entire population.

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As AARP membership continues to grow, so does its variety of services, including those concerned with travel. However, AARP differs from Elderhostel in one significant way concerning senior travel programs. AARP doe NOT plan NOR conduct travel services, but offers discounts and deals through major traditional and online agencies such as Travelocity, hotel chains, airlines and cruise companies.

AARP offers two online publications, the Travel Newsletter and Webletter, featuring editorial articles and ads for all varieties of travel services. Additionally, Travelocity publishes the AARP Passport, which features specific travel services to members as provided by that popular online company.

For members who plan cruises, it may be worthwhile to check frequently with AARP Passport to look for special bargains and discounts, such as cabin and deck upgrades, onboard spending credits, shore excursions, car rentals and duty-free onboard shopping.

For membership and other information, go to www.aarp.org.

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