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Cruises offer luxurious setting for meeting someone new

They’re trips created, designed and advertised specifically for single adults, including seniors. The vacation packages are exclusively for unmarried (or those pretending to be unmarried) people seeking to connect up with other unmarried (or pretending to be unmarried) people.

The most popular all-inclusive vacation packages for singles can be listed in three general categories:

1. Singles-only cruises: These packages, sometimes including air travel in the price, offer everything a traveler needs from the moment of boarding the ship. Amenities include a comfortable cabin and never-ending fun activities throughout the voyage, until on the final day's debarking at the home port. All meals, snacks, pools, spas, entertainment, dancing, single-mingle events, romancing and other on-board activities are included in the package.

There are extra charges for shore excursions, specialty dining and onboard booze purchases. Online and neighborhood travel agencies offer many varieties of singles cruises among their other services. Other online sites specialize in the market. How could you possibly go wrong (unless you really want to) by booking your next singles cruise by clicking in to cruisingforlove.com?

2. Singles-only resorts: There are many that cater to singles. Some of the more well-known and rated five stars include: Mexico (Cancun Zoetry Resort), the Bahamas (Royal Bahamian), Jamaica (Royal Plantation, Ocho Rios) , Florida (Little Palm Island), Thailand (Hua Hin), Turkey (Club Med Kenmar) and France (Club Med Val Thorens).

Singles activities at land-based all-inclusive resorts are similar to those aboard cruise ships, except there are usually long stretches of deserted beach or groves of palm trees nearby to hide couples who want to be alone. Some all-inclusive resorts, unlike cruise ships, follow the promise to the letter. Everything, including booze, special dining and excursions, is included in the single price.

3. Singles-only group trips: GORP (gorp.away.com) offers all-inclusive singles adventures, including mountain, beach, river routes and camping trips to many destinations, including Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Peru's Machu Pichu and several destinations in the Far East.

4. For an unusual all-inclusive experience where you'll meet many other singles, consider signing up for a volunteer vacation. Some of the more familiar ones include Habitat for Humanity (habitat.org), JustGive (justgive.org) and Singles Volunteers (singlevolunteers.org). You'll find plenty of companionship as you build houses, paint schools and do dozens of other chores in the U.S. and other destinations. Not only are these volunteer vacations all-inclusive, but some actually recruit a variety of people, including college students, and pay them modest stipends for their work.

The best all-inclusive vacation packages for singles can have many enjoyable features: romance on the high seas and togetherness under the tropical moonlight. For the socially-conscious, volunteer vacations offer opportunities to meet others who love Mother Nature, and maybe offer a bit of loving for their fellow single volunteers.


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