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1 Airbnb Growth: Good Or Bad For Travel Industry & Senior Customers? 5
2 Sad Reminder Of Lingering Casualties Of Our Wars 3
3 London, England: Check Out Bargain Airfares From The USA 13
4 If Henry VIII Could Text, Would His Love Life Have Improved? 15
5 Riding The Bus Instead Of Flyiing And Driving 10
6 Get Off Your Ass And Roam The World 19
7 Don’t Get Stranded For Being A Grouchy Senior Traveler 20
8 Time Travel: I’m Ready To Go When It Becomes Possible 12
9 Robbery Prices: Summertime And The Gypping Is Easy! 22
10 Are Seniors That Stupid? Travel Pricing $99 And $.99 27
11 Keep Visual Travel Memories Alive With A Virtual Scrapbook 22
12 Eruptions On Hawaii: Should You Change Your Travel Plans? 33
13 Suddenly Sick Sightseeing Senior: What To Do Immediately 39
14 Phone-Distracted Seniors Vulnerable To Crosswalk Accidents 48
15 Crooks Scam Oldsters: If Deal Sounds Too Good To Be True… 46
16 Reduce Eating Expenses By Asking For Senior Discounts 36
17 Check Out The Bare Facts About NaturistBnB 24
18 If Your Destination Was Frustration, Let Others Know 42
19 USA Today Lists Safest Places In Mexico For U.S. Travelers 46
20 Q: Why Are Overhead Bins Always Full When I Board My Flight? 47
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