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1 What To Do If Your Flight Is Stuck On The Tarmac 16
2 Los Angeles: 92-Year-Old Man Beaten While On Daily Walk 24
3 My Roving Camera Shows A Tragic, All-Too-Familiar Scene 42
4 Senior Travelers Most Vulnerable To Summer Heat Waves 48
5 Volunteer Vacations: Be Helpful As You Wander 51
6 All The $99.99 & 99¢ Ads Attract Stupid Buyers 52
7 Summer Air Travel Hints: Knowing The Rules Helps 55
8 Avoid That Loooong Baggage Carousel Wait After Your Flight 55
9 Domestic Dog And Cat Eaten In Some Parts Of The World 54
10 Speedy Bandits On Bikes Commit Ride-By Cell Phone Grabs 51
11 Cruise Ships Really, Really Hate To Sail With Empty Cabins! 59
12 Psychiatrists Say Too Much Bad News Can Make Seniors Sick 60
13 When Shopping For Air Fares, Seek Out Senior Discounts 50
14 City Walks Add Good Health & Years To Senior Life 38
15 What To Do When A Nearby Air Passenger Gets Violent 63
16 Savvy Speak-Up Seniors Get Better Deals At Check-In 69
17 Airbnb Growth: Good Or Bad For Travel Industry & Senior Customers? 61
18 London, England: Check Out Bargain Airfares From The USA 66
19 If Henry VIII Could Text, Would His Love Life Have Improved? 67
20 Riding The Bus Instead Of Flyiing And Driving 41
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