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1 How To Avoid Catching The Flu When It Flies With You 13
2 Get Better Smartphone Photos, Videos And Selfies 20
3 USA Today: Top 20 Spring Break Sites. Senior Travelers Beware! 19
4 Landmark Fotos Not Illegal, But Making Money On Them Is 18
5 Beware Of Phone Call Scams That Offer Free Cruises 27
6 When Your Pet Flies, Obey All The Rules 20
7 Dealing With Bothersome Seatmates On Loooong Flight 34
8 Join AARP And Save Lots Of $$$$ On Travel Costs 56
9 AAA: Expect Gas Prices To Go Higher Again This Spring 61
10 Doorstop For Max Hotel Room Safety Device 29
11 Author Steven King Gives Advice On Choosing Hotel Rooms 49
12 Senior Wanderers: Keep Passport Secure In Your Hotel Safe 57
13 Don’t Fall For Phony Online Cruise, Hotel & Restaurant Reviews 48
14 Travel Behavior: Anger At Employees And Other Travelers 50
15 Homeless Or Profiting In Lucrative Begging Business 36
16 Don’t Allow Flu Nor Ah-Choo Spoil Your Springtime Travel Plans 42
17 Delta Flight Delayed for 12 Looooong Hours At Kansas City Airport 34
18 Road Scholar: France From Normandy To Paris 49
19 What To Do If Confronted By Violence On A Cruise 45
20 Nightmare Flight: Screaming Kid Non-Stop For Seven Hours 53
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