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1 Speak Up! Don’t Just Accept Any Dinky Hotel Rooms -
2 Winter Flying Tips To Make Your Trip Less Troubled 21
3 Cruise Ship Illnesses Reported To Be On The Decline 32
4 Beware: Robo Call Crooks Prey On Kindly Seniors 34
5 Senior Travelers Alert: The 2019 Flu Season Is Here 51
6 Selfie Sticks And Drones Won’t Break Your Travel Bones 56
7 Airlines Keep Sneaking Extra Fees To Boost Ticket Prices 34
8 Winter Travel Crowds Bring Flu Dangers To Avoid 56
9 Treat All Travel-Related Unsolicited And Robo Calls As Scams 57
10 When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do: Behave Yourself! 68
11 Scooters Are Sidewalk Dangers To Strolling Senior Travelers 74
12 Old Sailor: Cruises Today Just Ain’t What They Used To Be 75
13 If You’re Stranded In Dulles The Night Before Christmas… 61
14 Be Aware Of Those ƒ∑®†ß∂§ Resort And Other Sneaky Fees! 78
15 Shoot Creative Photos & Videos On Your Next Trip 80
16 Cruises And Hotel Bookings: Always Ask For A Free Upgrade 87
17 Senior Drivers: Always Shop Online For Best Car Insurance 80
18 Scattering Ashes Of The Dead At Disney Parks 91
19 Senior Fliers: Beware Of Poopy Emotional Support Dogs 84
20 Tired Of Wandering As A Lonesome Senior Traveler? 81
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