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1 London & Paris Apartment Short Stays At Bargain Rates 22
2 Planning April In Paris? Beware Of Yellow Vest Street Violence 23
3 STEP Keeps Family Informed While You Travel Overseas 34
4 How To Deal With The Boeing 787 Cancellations 37
5 What Great Scheduling! Only 10 Minutes Between Flights 45
6 Pedestrian Accidents Rising: Cell Phones Are Major Cause 147
7 Airport Comfort Dog Causes Severe Wounds To Child 39
8 How To Deal With Ever-Rising Restaurant Costs 51
9 For Senior Travelers, March And April Are Worst Flu Season 49
10 More Passenger Guns Show Up At Airport Check-Ins 56
11 Get Easy Access Electronic National Park Passes 72
12 Fooled By Phony Airport Wall Socket Stickers? 64
13 Seniors: Make Your Next Journey A Volunteer Vacation 68
14 Want A Better Airline Seat? Ask And Ye Shall Receive 65
15 Senior Flyers: Beware Of Dirty Bins In Security Line 70
16 Hotel & Private Home Rates: Be Aware Of $$$ Add-Ons 42
17 Speak Up! Don’t Just Accept Any Dinky Hotel Rooms 77
18 Cruise Ship Illnesses Reported To Be On The Decline 87
19 Beware: Robo Call Crooks Prey On Kindly Seniors 84
20 Selfie Sticks And Drones Won’t Break Your Travel Bones 112
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