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Tips For Single Travelers Looking For Romance PDF Print E-mail
First, stop trying to meet the love of your life on that big blinking box in front of you. Too many online singles claims, bios and pix are phony, anyhow. To mingle with single seniors, you have to lift your lonely butt off your chair and get into real-life action!
Isn’t It About Time For Your Senior Volunteer Vacation? PDF Print E-mail
Yeah, we know. You’ve worked hard all your life, paid taxes and raised your kids. Now, in those so-called sunset years, you’re entitled to enjoy relaxing vacations basking at the shore, yodeling in the mountains, tossing dice in Vegas, sipping vino in Tuscany, dining at an outdoor Paris cafe and/or reeling in big fish at Key West.

Of course that’s what you deserve, and no one can argue about it. However, how about making a slight change in some of your future travel plans? You can do something as enjoyable as a great vacation, while at the same time earning the great satisfaction of knowing you’re doing something to help others.

Great Gift Idea For Senior Travelers PDF Print E-mail

I don't get a commission for touting this miraculous gift for traveling seniors.

How to check if a travel destination is senior-friendly PDF Print E-mail
If you're an American senior and you haven't traveled abroad since 9/11/01, be aware that many world destinations are different today than they were in those peaceful days.
1001 Great Works of Art To See Before You Die PDF Print E-mail

So, what are the 1001 greatest works of art of all time, you may wonder...


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