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Get the Flu in Mexico and earn next three vacations for free PDF Print E-mail

News services report that many Mexican resorts, including Cancun, now offer what they call “flu free guarantee” deals. Since the swine flu outbreak and widespread panic it’s causing, tourists have been staying away and cancelling vacations in the Mexican coastal resorts.

In an attempt to get vacationers back from the U.S. and elsewhere, the offer is for those visitors who actually catch the H1N1 disease while in Mexico. If they can provide medical proof of their ailment, they get their next three vacations in Mexican resorts free. Of course, that is assuming they’ll recover and be healthy enough to take advantage of those free deals.

Mexican beach

Miss Liberty's Crown to Welcome Visitors Again PDF Print E-mail

Statue of Liberty

Closed off to the public since 9/11/01 because of fears of another terrorist attack in New York City, the crown of the Statue of Liberty will finally reopen. With all patriotic symbolism, bands, political speeches, flags and fireworks, the official reopening ceremony will be held July 4.

Despite the fact that several weeks ago, a clueless Washington bureaucrat sent Air Force One soaring too close over the statue and scared the hell out of New Yorkers, all of Miss Liberty is now considered perfectly safe for visitors. First, after a boat ride from Manhattan, they take the elevator from the statue’s base, then climb the 168 steps to the observation platform.

The area has room for just 30 people at a time, and when the crowds are large, guards move everyone along so that each gets only a few moments in the crown. There they can stare 15 miles out of the 25 windows at the harbor, Ellis Island and a calmer New York City.

Say It Ain't So, Joe! PDF Print E-mail

Vice President Joe Biden

We’ve been getting emails all week since Vice President Joe Biden frightened the hell out of travelers by telling them not to fly or ride the subway because of the new flu bug. Then, a couple of days later, the White House flack said Mr. Biden had “misspoken”. We guess that meant it’s very dangerous to fly or ride the subway with Joe Biden.

Hey, Are You One of Those Ugly American Tourists? PDF Print E-mail

CNN has joined the apology bandwagon that seems to have started with President Obama’s recent visit to Europe. He voiced regrets that American travelers have been disrespectful to people of other nations. We won’t even get into the argument as to whether or not the President bowed down low enough to the Arab king.

CNN had an article that continues the tired accusations that American travelers brutishly ignore the sensibilities and traditions of other countries. The writers dredged up the book and Marlon Brando movie from the 1950s titled, “The Ugly American”. The CNN writers were troubled by the return of the image of the loud, flashy, obnoxious U.S. tourist.

See Cherry Blossoms in Springtime Washington, D.C. PDF Print E-mail

Not everyone comes to Washington in the springtime to beg for bailout money, gloat about multi-million-dollar bonus rip-offs or to lobby Congress for special hometown pork barrel deals. For nearly 100 years, residents and visitors have had more important things to do. They stroll out into the sunlit D.C. streets to wonder at clouds of bright red that have descended on the Nation’s capital city. There they enjoy the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, with week-long events until Sunday, April 12.

The 2009 National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade starts festivities on Saturday, April 4, running from 10 am to noon. The colorful and musical procession struts along Constitution Avenue from 7th to 17th Streets, NW. Every minute, crowds of kids and young-at-heart viewers can thrill to giant theme balloons, tuneful marching bands and circus-act performers.


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