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Zagat's Survey Offers An Inside View of Dining PDF Print E-mail

Zagat Survey recently posted the results of its annual America's Top Restaurants study. The guide, covering 1,516 eateries in 45 major markets, is based on 25 million meals experienced by over 145,000 surveyors (53% men, 47% women). The average surveyor ate out 3.3 times per week and spent an average $34.21 for a typical dinner, a 2.8% increase over last year. While this year's survey reflects current hard times, the attached list of top rated restaurants reflects enormous progress in the industry by way of both quality and diversity since Zagat Survey started in 1979.

Should There Be a Maximum Age Limit For U.S. Drivers? PDF Print E-mail
With nothing better to do, lawmakers in some states want to force people to give up their drivers’ licenses at age 80. They claim those seniors all have diminished eyesight and their slowed-down reactions make them dangers on the road.

MSC Cruises offer Boomer and Senior Discounts PDF Print E-mail

Boomers and Seniors can save at least 60 percent on the price of a memorable MSC Cruises Europe sailing - and get even more value for their money when they take the kids/grandkids along for free with the line's "Kids Sail Free" policy!

If You're Retired, Be Inspired About Off-Price Flight and Hotel Deals PDF Print E-mail
If your 9 to 5 (or 8 am to whatever) job slavery days are over and you have all the time in the world, look before you book. You should already know that flights and some hotels raise their prices sky high on weekends and holidays.
Outrigger offers extra perks for Hawaii travelers PDF Print E-mail
Two beachfront Outrigger hotels in Waikiki, Hawaii, have enhanced their bundle of free amenities and services, offering even more value to their guests.

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