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United lets you check bags all year @ $249 PDF Print E-mail

Stacked suitcases

Is this offer such a big deal? Doesn’t it already cost $25 to check your bags on each flight, so you’d have to fly United ten times within the year to break even. Busy business flyers may find it a bargain, but not necessarily the typical vacation traveler who may fly United only two or three times a year.

Whoooops! Different kind of greening of America PDF Print E-mail

Green face

After decades of seeing sick and drunken customers’ faces turn green and then decorate their taxis with barf, Chicago cabbies have had enough. They’re asking the city to enact a law that future in-cab sickos must pay $50 for each throw-up incident.

If enacted, Chicago will be the first U.S. city to make sick boozers and bad-food eaters pay for their offensively messy offenses. We've nothing against hard-working hack drivers, but the Chicago ordinance should also require cabbies to take at least one bath a week and not drive to O’Hare Airport via Milwaukee.

Mamounia Hotel reopens in Marrakech Morrocco PDF Print E-mail

After a long restoration and makeover, one of the greatest hotels in the world has reopened.  We have been to Marrakech and spent time there, it's truly a life changing experience.   Here's a great article on the new changes from AP.

Ryanair allows fliers to huff'n'puff smokeless PDF Print E-mail

Cartoon of smoker

Many of us now in our senior years can remember when smoking on flights was unrestricted, and we sat through flights while the recycled cabin air turned choking blue with stinky cigarette and cigar smoke. Now, for the past decade or so, passenger smoking has been banned by every airline. However, some genius in Ryanair has just come up with a brilliant idea to bring back tobacco in the air.

Southwest makes a sour savings decision PDF Print E-mail


In an attempt to cut back on its already bare-bones services, some beancounter at Southwest came up with a brilliant plan. The airline figures it can save $100,000 a year by not serving lemons with its booze on flights. And Southwest isn’t the only skinflint in the sky. American Airlines hopes to save $40,000 annually by omitting olives from its salad servings.

Stay tuned, because more silly savings may be on the way. Should we expect that, in an attempt to wipe away its budget problems, Delta will omit toilet paper from its onboard bathrooms?


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