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Old cop photo

This has nothing to do with the JetBlue attendant who went ballistic on a flight when a passenger hit him with her carry-on bag. However, don't be surprised if the burly flight attendant on your next JetBlue flight is a former New York City police officer or firefighter.

According to the Wall Street Journal, over its ten-year history, JetBlue has hired many former New York City cops and firefighters. These employees are among the best of the airline’s mature and reliable workers. Many of the veteran JetBlue flight attendants are fully-qualified EMTs, and came to the job with years of real-life experience in security, emergency procedures and working under stressful condtions. New York City cops and firemen can retire after just 20 years  in similar pension deals members Armed Forces acquire. The pension is usually 50 percent of their salary at time of retirement. That means Jet Blue ex-cop and ex-firemen recruits start their new airline careers in their early 40s, still in good physical health and able to handle every duty along of the younger attendants.

Incidentally, the JetBlue guy who went ballistic is not an ex-cop nor firefighter. And considering his goofy behavior, you can bet he’ll soon be an ex-JetBlue employee.

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