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Seniors Can Sleep and Eat on the Cheap in Paris PDF Print E-mail

Sounds like a contradiction? Doing the most expenisve, overpriced city in the world on a budget? Well, it can be done, and this senior couple “done” it. First, we had accumulated enough frequent flyer miles on American to fly free. We gathered the miles by paying for our daughter’s Ivy League college tuition by credit card.

Winter Destination: Beautiful Naples, Florida PDF Print E-mail

The East Coast of Florida in winter is a mass of swarming seniors who trek through ice and snow from the cold climes for a week or a month of warmth. It is also full of senior communitues of those who choose to stay. In other words, it is jammed packed with seniors. Add to that the hordes of families with little kids, plus high school and college students who show up periodically to turn Fort Lauderdale and Miami into a fountain ... more of a flood ... of youth.


Want Some Serious Cold? How About Alaska in the Winter PDF Print E-mail
When Alaskans found out the United States Senate passed the Statehood Act in June of 1958, sirens blared and crowds celebrated around bonfires.  It was a spontaneous party that kicked off six months of anticipation ahead of President Dwight D. Eisenhower's signature on the statehood proclamation on Jan. 3, 1959. Fast-forward 50 years, and Alaska is preparing to mark the official anniversary with just as much fervor.
Springtime in Europe Begins at Holland's Keukenhof Gardens PDF Print E-mail

If you’re beginning to make your plans for visiting Europe and you want to enjoy its springtime in all of its colorful glory,  we recommend the best spot to see it happen before your eyes. Go to Keukenhof Gardens, just a 20-minute bus trip from Amsterdam, The Nethelands.

How Will You Watch The Inauguration? PDF Print E-mail

You know all the festivities will be at noon on January 20 in cold, clammy, probably snowy Washington. So, maybe the best way to watch all the proceedings, from the swearing in of President Obama, the big parade and all the social events, is on your TV set. You can have your senior moments from the warm comfort of your living room. Or maybe with drink in hand watching on the huge screen at the neighborhood bar.


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