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Suggested Senior Sorjourn: Capitol Visitor Center Opens PDF Print E-mail

Now that all the fuss is over, the new First Family is in the White House, the crowds have gone home and city hotel prices are down to almost reasonable, plan now for a springtime trip to Washington. You’ll enjoy seeing all the famous sites in bloom, including the Mall and famed cherry trees. Also, to get your city journey started and decide where to go and when, it may be worth a tour of the new U.S. Capitol Visitor Center below the the historic building.

Senior Destination: First-time Traveler's Guide to Russia PDF Print E-mail

When most senior travelers today were young, the Soviet Union was our enemy. It threatened to blow us all to hell with atomic bombs, unless of course, we wiped them out first. Those of us who did wartime duty in Korea and/or Vietnam in the 50s, 60s and 70s, were familiar with Russian weapons. They were used to shoot down our planes and kill our GIs. In those days of the Cold War, not many of us had any wish to visit Russia.

Russian church


Senior Destination: Arrivederci Roma In Just Two Days PDF Print E-mail

If you’re on your very first visit to Rome, and happen to have just a couple of days to spend there, here are some suggestions. Unless you hire a guide or taxi for part of your ventures, make sure you’re in good physical shape and wear sensible walking shoes. Try what we did in two days, although we wished we could have had 20 more.

Senior Adventure: Are You Up in the Air About Your Next Trip? Try Ballooning With Elderhostel PDF Print E-mail

If so, sign up with Elderhostel’s Intergenerational Ballooning program. In case you’ve never heard of that phrase, here’s your chance to find out, and then have a heck of a time living it with someone very young and extra special to you.

Balloon in flight

Senior theater review: Old Blue Eyes Is Back, Sort of PDF Print E-mail

We don’t usually recommend specific entertainment performances, but we recently had the pleasure of attending a Las Vegas impersonator show called, “The Concert That Never Was”. We went reluctantly, because we’ve never been thrilled with fake stars, a feature in Las Vegas designed to drag money from seniors. You can’t go anywhere in Sin City without running into a pseudo Elvis hosting a supermarket promo, singing at a wedding chapel or crooning in a hotel bar lounge. Or a phony Madonna dealing blackjack, or a fake Dolly Parton serving drinks. All part of the glitzy Vegas scene, but who needs it?

Sinatra eyes

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