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Best of Summertime Boston for Senior Travlers PDF Print E-mail

If it was good enough for the guys at Bunker Hill on that hot day of June 17, 1775, Boston is good enough for senior travelers this summer. Especially we seasoned citizens who are interested in American history. So, how about scheduling a visit and retracing the steps of our country’s founders?

First, there’s the Paul Revere Trail. Sidewalk arrows and historic buildings and plaques will lead you on the most famous mile in the city. It’s the one patriot Paul Revere took when he dashed through the town at midnight to warn of the approach of the Redcoats. You’ll need your walking shoes, camera and a lot of energy. And when you pass by the Old North Church, you’ll be sure to imagine you’ll see Paul’s lantern waving at you. Also along the trail are the Granary Burying Ground, King's Chapel and Old South Meeting House.

Seniors at Yellowstone Should Be Sure to See Old Faithful PDF Print E-mail

Old Faithful geyser, Yellowstone
Old Faithful is one of the most popular attractions of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. In spite of its fame, it isn’t the largest geyser there. When you visit, be sure to check out the other spouters at Upper Geyser, Black Sand and Biscuit Basins. They can be as spectacular, or more so, if you’re there at the right time.

Old Faithful is called that because it seems as if some mechanical device controls it. Caused by earthquake rumblings miles below the earth’s surface, it’s not quite precise, but if you wait patiently, you’ll see it erupt about once every 80 minutes. You’ll stand in wonder watching the huge 200-foot high spout spray hot water and steam for up to five minutes.

When we visited Yellowstone last summer, my first impression of Old Faithful was to compare it to we older guys. Geezers can relate to the geysers, because we have similar regular experiences many times a day, and most annoying, several times a night.

Senior Travelers Are Safe In Mexico If... PDF Print E-mail

West coast of Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico

Some people believe the IF is a very big one, while others think of it as an insult to the Mexican people. So, let’s begin by saying you are much safer in Mexican cities and its countryside than you are in some areas in the U.S.

Of course, there’s crime in Mexico, and as with the major reason for crime in the U.S., it is almost always drug business related and the gangs who go with it. Therefore, for seniors traveling south of the border, they can assure themselves of maximum safety by following just a few suggestions.

Looking for bargains in Dublin, Ireland PDF Print E-mail

We were there on a bus tour last year, and we stayed in a bed and breakfast near Dublin that had been a wealthy family’s mansion. It was very comfortable, and the Irish breakfasts were fantastic. However, all the women on the tour were anxious to get into the city to take advantage of the great shopping. Of course, we husbands were dragged along, expecting a very boring day.

The Fifth Avenue-wannabe area was Grafton Street, and that upscale line of exclusive shops featured many ritzy products, with the snootiest store of all called Brown and Thomas. There my spouse and her friends could rummage through such labels as Gucci, Chanel, Vera Chang, Amy Vanderbilt and many others. Fortunately, with our suitcases already loaded with Irish linen, Irish wool sweaters and other native products, my spouse didn’t buy anything at B&T.

Top Trio in Paris for Springtime Visits PDF Print E-mail

 Arch of Triumph in Paris

Ella Fitzgerald is, except maybe for Sinatra, my favorite singer of all time. Many years ago, she recorded Cole Porter’s, “I love Paris in the springtime”. The song ends with, “I love Paris every moment, every moment of the year. I love Paris; why, oh why, do I love Paris? Because my love is here.”

Every springtime when we return to Paris, we find scores of wonderful places we’ve never seen before, but we still make sure to visit our old favorites. We start at the Eiffel tower, the symbol of Paris and France to the world, where victorious armies of both friend and foe have marched through the years since 1889.


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