American Airlines Pilot Arrested For Being Drunk

According to news sources, he was pulled from his flight in England’s Manchester Airport before scheduled take-off for Philadelphia. This has happened before, and if you’re ever a passenger in the same situation, here are some clues to listen for when you hear the captains’ announcements:

All passengers fasten your chastity belts
The attitude will be very high, but not as high I am right now
This flight is headed for some place I can’t remember
I just got slapped for explaining the word cockpit to a stewardess
Damn service dogs! I just slipped on something in the aisle
Be kind to that sloppy drunk in the next seat. He’s my drinking buddy.

Sleep under a Red Roof for a copper penny! PDF Print E-mail

Lincoln penny

Hey, traveler, if you’re planning to stay at a Red Roof Inn between now and April 15, you may get lucky and pay just a penny for your room! Just book a stay at a participating Red Roof Inn at redroof.com website, and you’re eligible to be chosen to just pay one Abe Lincoln coin for your night. The deal is in effect until all the penny rooms are sold out, so if a Red Roof Inn is in your plans until April 15, go for it now!

Travel industry hurting, so prices should drop PDF Print E-mail

Las Vegas skyline with caption

Vegas may be in the most financial pain

The hotel industry is in what one executive calls a “survival mode”. A major hotel in Las Vegas shuts down. Average nightly hotel occupancy throughout the U.S. this year is close to 70%, and 50% or less in Vegas. This could be the worst hotel occupancy year since the Great Depression.

What can we frequent travelers do about it? Many of us are seniors, and the economy hasn’t affected our travel plans too much. If pension and Social Security checks keep coming in, we’ll still do our annual cruise, summer week at a beachside resort and occasional visit to Sin City.

Corporate travelers still must meet sales needs of their companies and attend conventions and seminars. However, with the growth of video conferencing and other instant electronic communications, for sales reps to be on the road and annually in Vegas has been greatly reduced in recent years. Anyhow, business travel budgets are tight and getting tighter all the time.

What can seasoned travelers do about it? First, consider how you can help the travel industry by not cutting back on your schedules. If it means staying at cheaper hotels and flying coach, do it. You’ll know you’re supporting an important business sector of the American economy. Further, if you know the hotel, resort or cruise where you’re booking is only half-filled, and a price is quoted, say our magic words: I know you can do better than that.

Don't forget those who fight for us PDF Print E-mail

American soldier

They're still out there for you

With all the newspapers and TV news and gossip programs filled with Obamacare debates, crooked politicians and Hollywood’s latest cheating husbands, lately the media has all but ignored a critically important group of Americans.

Our GIs, Marines, sailors and airmen are still out there in Afghanistan, Iraq and dozens of other lonely posts around the world. They put their lives on the line every day so that Americans back home can have the freedom of living without fear from enemies abroad.

We hope our travelers who read this website haven’t forgotten them. Make it a point today to send greetings to friends and family who are serving at sea, in the air or overseas. For information about contacting other service people who’d appreciate some mail from you, contact the USO, American Red Cross or other military-related website.

New Orleans Electric Streetcar PDF Print E-mail

New Orleans streetcar

Old cars still clang along, and no, it's not named Desire

Tips: How to save money in Las Vegas PDF Print E-mail

Las Vegas hotel

The Paris Resort in Las Vegas lights up the night sky

Some people who've been there too many times may advise that the best way to save money on a Las Vegas vacation is to stay home. After all, the primary reason Sin City exists is to induce people to come and lose money on the gambling tables and slot machines in the casinos. However, that said, and if you keep it in mind when you visit, there are a great many ways to have a very enjoyable, inexpensive vacation in Las Vegas. Here are some tips:

1. Las Vegas hotels, including the most luxurious ones on the famous Strip, are considerably lower-priced than those in almost any other similar-quality resort or major city in the world. While a luxurious suite at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas charges $100 a night, a suite in any upper-level New York, London, Paris or Tokyo hotel costs at least $400. At almost any time of the year, if you check internet ads and with a travel agency, many of the less posh, but just as comfortable, Las Vegas hotels have specials offering rooms for $50 or less a night.


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