Southwest Air: Forget To Set Alarm...Forget Refund

We fear that Southwest, once our favorite laid-back economy airline, is slip-sliding into the nickel-diming mode of other airlines. The most recent example is that SW will no longer refund the fare of passengers who fail to be there for scheduled flights.

In the past, if you showed up late, there were ways to get around it. The SW airport staff would do their best let you board a later flight, or even get you on a rival airline flight. And it cost you nothing beyond the fare you paid for your original ticket.  

Under the new SW policy, if you miss your flight without adequate reason or prior contact, you may have to forfeit your fare. Flyers should be aware of the logical reason for the new SW rule. In these days of tightening budgets and high fuel prices, flights with empty seats represent lost income for airlines.

For more information, contact your favorite hometown or online travel agency, or go to www.southwest.com

Don't forget those who fight for us PDF Print E-mail

American soldier

They're still out there for you

With all the newspapers and TV news and gossip programs filled with Obamacare debates, crooked politicians and Hollywood’s latest cheating husbands, lately the media has all but ignored a critically important group of Americans.

Our GIs, Marines, sailors and airmen are still out there in Afghanistan, Iraq and dozens of other lonely posts around the world. They put their lives on the line every day so that Americans back home can have the freedom of living without fear from enemies abroad.

We hope our travelers who read this website haven’t forgotten them. Make it a point today to send greetings to friends and family who are serving at sea, in the air or overseas. For information about contacting other service people who’d appreciate some mail from you, contact the USO, American Red Cross or other military-related website.

New Orleans Electric Streetcar PDF Print E-mail

New Orleans streetcar

Old cars still clang along, and no, it's not named Desire

Tips: How to save money in Las Vegas PDF Print E-mail

Las Vegas hotel

The Paris Resort in Las Vegas lights up the night sky

Some people who've been there too many times may advise that the best way to save money on a Las Vegas vacation is to stay home. After all, the primary reason Sin City exists is to induce people to come and lose money on the gambling tables and slot machines in the casinos. However, that said, and if you keep it in mind when you visit, there are a great many ways to have a very enjoyable, inexpensive vacation in Las Vegas. Here are some tips:

1. Las Vegas hotels, including the most luxurious ones on the famous Strip, are considerably lower-priced than those in almost any other similar-quality resort or major city in the world. While a luxurious suite at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas charges $100 a night, a suite in any upper-level New York, London, Paris or Tokyo hotel costs at least $400. At almost any time of the year, if you check internet ads and with a travel agency, many of the less posh, but just as comfortable, Las Vegas hotels have specials offering rooms for $50 or less a night.

Check Out Our New General Travel Site Travel4people.com PDF Print E-mail

We're expanding, we've launched a general travel site, TRAVEL4PEOPLE.COM, please check it out.

Julius, Brutus & the guys would be proud PDF Print E-mail

Statue at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Not Rome, it's a statue at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas


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