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1. Before you travel, visit your doctor to get a check up, advice for keeping healthy while in the air or on the road and review and renew any prescription medications you should take with you.

2. No matter where you are in your travels, frequently wash your hands, especially after touching surfaces, such as railings and bathroom doors.

3. If you’re booked to fly red eye (late night) and are given a pillow and/or blanket, make sure they’ve been laundered after previous use.

4. When you sit down on public toilets, use paper seat covers.

5. On flights, bring medicated wipes and small bottle of liquid hand cleaner. Use them before and after eating and when using bathrooms.

6. Drink bottled water only, and plenty of it to keep hydrated.

7. Bring on all travels small containers of antibacterial mouth wash, and gargle after each meal and before sleeping.

8. In cold weather travel, drink lots of hot tea, coffee and/or chocolate.

9. If you feel a slight cold and/or can’t sleep, drink brandy, but not if you’re driving.
10. If you’re flying and your seatmate is coughing and sneezing, ask the flight attendant to change your seat.

Finally, if you do have a heavy cold or flu, cancel your flight plans and stay the hell home, especially if you could be flying next to me.


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