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1. Airfare ad quotes are the exact amount you’ll pay. Forget it! When you buy, ask for total prices, which include taxes and other add-ons. Don’t be surprised if the actual price is 20-30% higher than ad quote.

2. If you arrive at the airport in time for an earlier flight than the one you booked, the airline will let you take it for free. Maybe in ye olden days, but not now, unless you’re prepared to shell out lots more dough.

3. Like hotel and cruise deals, booking airline flights at the last minute will get you bargain prices. Actually, the exact opposite is true, because airlines charge much more for last-minute flights.

4. Airlines will let you on a last-minute flight because you must attend a family funeral. No, they won’t. Also, if there were ever so-called bereavement priorities or discounts on flights, they don’t exist now.

5. If your midnight flight is cancelled and you’re stuck in town, airlines have no obligation to pay for a hotel room.

6. You can give your airline ticket to someone else. No, you can’t. Ever since 9/11/01, the name on the ticket must be the exact one of the person booked.

7. You can get the best price on flights if your trip involves staying over a Saturday night. That deal is long gone. Before you book a flight, check prices by phone with the airline, as well as contacting your favorite online and/or hometown travel agency. Prices go up and down, sometimes by the hour, so keep plugging.

8. Airlines will always honor tickets purchased by travel agencies. Sometimes, but the bet’s off if there’s a schedule glitch, weather delays or mechanical trouble.

9. A travel agency flight ticket is always cheaper than the airline’s advertised price. Well, sometimes, but often you can luck out to a lower price when you call the airline directly to make your purchase.

10. Generally, be aware of the severe financial problems airlines are suffering in our bad economy. They’re falling all over each other, trying to make a bit more money by charging extra fees for baggage, blankets, pillows, food, booze, better seats and anything else they can tack on. The only solution is to get yourself a trusted online or neighborhood travel agency and keep in touch until you’re ready to book your next flight. Then, lotsa luck!


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