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old outhouse

Are you old enough to remember the old railroad ditty, to the tune of "Humoresque":

"Please refrain from urination
While the train is in the station.
Have respect for railway property,
But, if you feel that you oughta,
Kindly ask the nearest porter
To take you to the lavatory."

In a similar theme about human waste in the sky today, Nippon Airways (ANA) has started a trial experiment that asks passengers to use the airport toilets before boarding. Airline officials say that by having lighter people aboard, the use of less aircraft fuel will save money.

However, did the airline take into consideration that some passengers are always so full of it, they make up for whatever other passengers leave behind at the airport? We all know who they are: politicians, military brass, sleazy rock stars, radio/TV commentators, Hollywood party gals, pro athletes, late-night comedians and other blow-hards. We’re sure you have your own list of full-of-it flyers.


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