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TV set with Civil War image

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a home-made video of your dad as a 19-year-old GI paratrooper in 1944 just before he jumped into France on D-Day? Would you like to see video shot by your grandparents as they narrated their experience on Ellis Island in 1909? Or your great-great grandfather’s 1863 video journal as he prepared for the Battle of Gettysburg?

Of course, there were no cell phone TVs or any kind of TV cameras in those days to record the important moments of their lives. However, today, you have fantastic video opportunities, and future generations of your family would like to see some real moments of your life after your time in history has passed.

On your next cruise to Mexico, flight to Europe or mule train ride down into the Grand Canyon, do personally-narrated video journals of your adventures. Create and preserve them on DVD with the thought always in mind that your grand- great-grand and great-great-grandchildren will some day view it.

Unless you want to add professional-level drama, music, humor or graphic effects, you don’t need a prepared script. While you’re doing the video, just think of your descendents in the 2100s watching with interest about what life was like way back in the early 2000s.

Give your journals a theme of “this is the way it was in our day”, with explanations of your life, that could include comments on society, relationships, politics, problems, finances, world happenings, clothing, education, entertainment and any other subjects you choose.

Just think of doing it as if you were making that video of your life in the Union or Confederate army while preparing for one of the major battles of the Civil War. Or a follow-up video and commentary after the battle.

Video journaling can not only record your adventures for your descendants to view, appreciate and discuss. It can be a challenging and enjoyable experience for you and your family members while creating your own pages of history.


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