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Today, it's easy to find a hotel in Paris using famous booking websites which abound on the Internet. But for those who wish to quickly and easily find a cheap hotel in Paris, things aren't so simple.

Booking websites save valuable time for Internet users, but on the other hand, the hotel has to pay a commission on each booking, therefore, the hotels raise their prices on these sites. This means that you pay the commission... (the additional cost can reach 15% or even 20% per room per night). So how do you reconcile time savings and fair rates?

Direct bookings are cheaper!

There is the solution of methodically going through any Booking website to prepare a list of Paris hotels that fits your criteria, then searching on Google for their official websites. You will never find a better rate than on the Hotel's official website, as no commission is added.

This is an effective, but laborious, solution, given the number of competing hotels and the amount of time you'll devote to finding each of the official websites (they are not always easy to find on Google).

However, for the busy Internet user seeking a good price, there are hotel directories where you can find the same price as the official hotel's website. They work on a different economic model, so you won't have to pay any commission on their rates (and sometimes they also provide a direct link to the official website of the hotel - you won't waste your time searching on Google).

With these directories, you will get the same rate as the hotel's website, but without losing hours to find it.

Here is a directory with Hotels in Paris, based on the above: Paris Hotels


About Lookotel

Lookotel is a site where you can book hotels in Paris, with no-commission added - saving up to 15 - 20 %. Visit http://www.lookotel.com

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