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Of course, there’s no problem if you go first class in a lay-flat seat and private space. It’s the easiest tho much more expensive way to go. But even in a cheap seat you can find ways to make a restful air trip to dreamland.

Of course, if your economy seat mate is very fat, smelly and/or a misbehaving child, the task is more difficult, but can be done. Wear loose, comfy clothes and shoes. Choose a late-night redeye flight, because your body and brain will be in natural sleep mode. And chances of a quieter aircraft cabin and fewer kids are better.

If your flight is for early morning, sleep at home for a couple of hours the night before. And don’t eat heavy preflight food nor drink burpy liquids. If booze helps you sleep, drink a shot before boarding. When you settle down as the flight begins, play soft music into your earphones, wear an eye mask, brimmed hat and enter peaceful dreamland.

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