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I do big 500$hr online work from home. So far these year I urn 66,000$ for writing only 5hrs per daley. So just chek for how you can do it so ezly when you righting in to xxxxxxx.

The pitch is always the same. They’ll tell you how to make insane amounts of money and go on luxurious travels by working just a couple of hours daily on your home computer. Are the ad writers really that hilariously inept with the English language? Or is there some sneaky motive behind them that makes senior suckers respond to the nonsense and send money?

Most of the ads are allegedly posted by freelance writers with Middle Eastern names. They seem to have just enough knowledge of English to get the lame message understood by potential suckers. And since the ads still show up frequently in online comment columns, it’s apparent they continue to take in lots of money. So, if yor desyre got rich kwik, I like sell yoo a brijje in sitty uv Bruklin Noo Yawk reel cheep!

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