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Recent news of the Norwegian Viking Skv going through very rough weather and causing passenger evacuation should be a warning for senior sailors. Fortunately, it didn’t become a Titanic disaster, but the problems offer lessons for future cruises.

When you first board your ship, pay close attention to all information that involves your safety. Attend the required lifeboat drills and understand exactly what to do if the need for lifeboats becomes reality. Also, whenever the ship rolls into heavy seas, especially when caused by weather, stay away from the outer decks, and seek out safe seats in your cabin and social compartments.

If it’s your first cruise when the decks and your stomach start heaving, be sure you’ve brought along seasick medication. And through it all, record the seagoing experience with selfies. Then. when safely back on shore, you and your family can get some well-earned laughs about the ordeal.

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