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Hotel & Private Home Rates: Be Aware Of $$$ Add-Ons PDF Print E-mail

You see the attractive per day advertised prices for hotel rooms and Airbnb houses at $100 or less a night. Then a big surprise when you check out. Pumping up the price can include local taxes, resort fees and other expenses making the out-of-pocket totals as much as $150 a night, or as currently popular ad scams bait them, $149.99.

Now, with rising labor expenses, expect charges for cleaning up from your messy stay. Not too long ago, those costs weren’t included because maids earned minimum wages and their duties were absorbed in the price. Now, hotels and private renters claim to pay much more for cleaning, laundry, repairs and other duties to make the property ready for the next guests. So, if that friendly b&b advertised per night rate is $99.99, be prepared to shell out another unfriendly $49.99 or so.

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