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They did it back in the 70s to start the roaring inflation that painfully continues today. Now the Middle East bedsheet bandits, international oil cartels and your unfriendly neighborhood gas station owners are doing it to you again.

Despite the reality that wells in the US and around the world are pumping more oil than ever before, the crooked cartels are once again pumping up the prices. While you’re forced to pay $5 a gallon for a product that should cost less than half of that inflated thievery, there are ways to fight back. 

If just a short distance from home, use public transport, hike and bike to the local store. Get together and share car journeys with neighbors. Make your next car all or part electric. Check GasBuddy and other daily websites on where to find cheapest prices locally and at travel destinations.

When gassing up, let the station owner know your anger and determination to fight back. Also, with the next election time approaching, tell current political candidates to address the international thievery. Their priority should be to know that grossly inflated gas prices are one of the most important issues hurting our economy.

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