Home TIPS Don’t Get Faked Out By A Phony Private Home Rental
Don’t Get Faked Out By A Phony Private Home Rental PDF Print E-mail

With Airbnb and other legit short-term home rental agencies getting more popular, it’s inevitable that greedy imitators are now in the business. Often they’re mom and pop homes where the owners want to make some quick bucks from gullible tourists.

Some home rentals, as handled by established agencies, are very good. However, if you pay for the wrong one directly from the owner, you may find it below par in cleanliness. It could also be far away from beach, restaurants, clubs and other expected conveniences of a vacation hotel stay.

The best way to rent a private home is with Airbnb or other legitimate agency. By constantly checking with that resource, you’ll be informed of developments and updates with potential rentals. Beyond detailed descriptions of the home, you’ll get info about fees, convenience, location, history and other useful facts.

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