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Dining in an American restaurant has few restrictions, as long as you don’t throw your food into the air nor spray your Coke in anger. Here are a few strange restrictions in other countries:

In some somewhat backward nations, you must use only your right hand to eat. That’s because you need your left hand for certain personal bathroom cleansing requirements. Hey, what about old baseball star pitcher, Lefty Grove?

In Chile, you must use knife, fork and spoons only to pick up your food while dining. Don’t even think of fingering that chicken leg and lobster tail!

Booze clues: When offered a glass of vodka in Russia, don’t insult your host by sinking an ice cube into it. Likewise, when you get a drink from a senior Korean bartender, take in both hands, bow and murmur a thank you. And in merry old England, always pass plates and pitchers to your port side … the left ... in Royal Navy tradition.

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