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Experienced senior travelers to Sin City never had access to these new places to stay until a few years ago. In case you’re not familiar with them, Airbnbs are privately owned homes, condos and other residences that are available nightly to travelers, with many available in resort, beach and big city locations.

Now that they’ve progressed from some homeowner’s extra room to hostels to luxury penthouses throughout the world, travelers find them not only conveniently attractive, but usually much cheaper than hotel rooms. For traveling families and other group trips, an Airbnb rental can be a great bargain. For example, if you’re with a group of four or more, you usually require at least two regular hotel rooms. In resort areas, such as Las Vegas, the rooms may cost $250 a night each. And that’s all they are, just rooms in busy, noisy, crowded hotels. Rental of an Airbnb, which usually involves comfortable sleeping quarters for at least four, plus kitchen, living room, privacy and other home-like amenities, and may cost half that much.      

If you plan a trip to Las Vegas or other resort city, and are considering an Airbnb experience, check first with your local travel agent or find many online listings for Airbnb opportunities at your destination.

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