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In a recent USA Today article, the worldly guy you’d least expect to be robbed, admits it happened to him. The thief got Rick’s wallet containing credit cards, cash and driver’s license. Fortunately, he immediately took steps to protect himself by canceling the old IDs and getting new ones. Of course, the cash was gone forever. Rick and every other pro world travel expert remind us endlessly of the basic protections against such a common crime, especially in Paris, New York, Rome and other big, busy world cities.  Yet, even Rick had that one vulnerable moment where he neglected the dangers. His wallet was skillfully and quickly swiped from what should have been a zippered or buttoned outer pocket.

Simply, when traveling, always be aware of your vulnerability to pickpockets and other clever thieves. Including wallets, handbags, suitcases, laptops, smart phones or other valuable possessions, keep them close, sealed and secure. And at parks, theaters, historic sites, sidewalks, stores, restaurants and on crowded city public transportation rides, be extra careful.

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