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The news source reveals that those chortling airline planners are designing the rows to be even closer and the seats narrower. As if any seasoned citizen coach ticket flyer isn’t already squeezed into the sardine can spaces. However, next time you want to get the lowest price ticket and enjoy more butt room, here are some ideas for making it a comfy flight.

Book an aisle seat. There’s more room to stretch your legs toward the empty aisle area once the flight begins.

Go red eye. Schedule your flights for evening or later. They’re more likely to have some empty cheap seats, allowing you to stretch out into two or more spaces.

If you’re a frequent flyer, spend your perks to get better seats.


Hope for a full flight, and once aboard, there may be requests for volunteers to give up their seats for extra bucks and go on later flights. Offer your cheap seat if the flight attendant will give you an unsold higher class and roomier one.

When booking, check online flight advice sites like SeatGuru. You’ll get the latest info on seat sizes and special offers from many airlines. You may find a bargain ticket for a seat with more leg and elbow room.

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