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That security question is on the mind of every senior traveler who has enjoyed frequent visits to Sin City. The fears still linger since the gun maniac killed 59 and injured 500 from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort.

Despite heavy hotel security, he managed to book a room, take the elevator and roam freely through the hotel with 10 suitcases full of guns and ammo. On the other hand …. try to count cards while gambling in a Vegas casino. With dozens of video cameras watching your every move, a squad of security guards will grab you within minutes. But an insane killer full of mental, as well as metal, baggage goes freely to commit mass murder.

What can a senior visitor do in Las Vegas to avoid such senseless violence? Of course, travelers can also be at the wrong place at the wrong time in New York, London, Paris, Detroit, Rome or other major city when individual or political terror strikes.

All you can do is practice reasonable personal safety measures. First, before arriving in the city, be aware of any current street unrest, such as political protests. Adjust your plans to stay away from areas involved, including outdoor audience events. Especially for seniors with limited physical health, never roam unfamiliar streets alone. Also, when out at night, stay with at least one companion on well-lighted sidewalks.


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