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A recent sad news item reported that an 11-year-old girl fell from a Ferris wheel seat and was killed. According to park officials, it was the first accident in the ride’s 25-year history.

Unfortunately for the family, statistics didn’t matter. They lost their young child. All safety requirements were met, and riders were securely strapped in at the start. However, the girl either had a faulty strap or managed to loosen it to cause the tragic fall. Some safety tips could avoid such terrible accidents. 1. Before leaving for the trip to the amusement park, sit down with the grandkids and talk about the necessity for adhering to safety rules. They should thoroughly understand the potential dangers and how to avoid them.  

2. Parents and teachers who take children to parks must be constantly aware of safety rules. They need to be on guard to make sure both park employees and the children strictly follow them.

3. The buddy system is vital for child safety at the amusrement park. When away from adults, each child should be partnered with another throughout the day. Each is responsible for the safety of the other, and never lose sight of each other.

4. Smartphones allow continuous communication between adults and kids. Set schedule for continuous contact when separated, with each child scheduled to call the adult escort. Encourage children to call adults at any time to report a problem or ask questions while at the park.

5. Take a first aid kit for minor cuts and bruises, as well as medications for possible food-caused problems. Most large amusement parks have on-site medical facilities.

6. In case of serious injury or other emergency, adults must have instant smartphone emergency phone numbers to contac park security and medical staffs.

7. Follow sensible health rules. Monitor what the children eat, or restrict them to eat only what you brought. If the weather is very hot, be sure they drink plenty of liquids. Limit sun exposure, and apply sunscreen liberally. If your amusement park visit is more than two hours, insist on at least a 10-minute time out for each.

A day at the amusement park with children should be a happy time for them, and trouble-free for adult  supervisors. Following safety rules at all times is the basis for achieving it.

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