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When US to Cuba flights were allowed again last year, airlines had hopes of big biz. However, it hasn’t happened and there have been some schedule cutbacks. One reason is the continuing bothersome U.S. State Department restrictions.

Many seasoned travelers have been asking for years why continue any kind of restrictions against Cuba. Is it because it’s still Castro’s Communist isle? There are no restrictions on visiting China, Vietnam or Russia, all still super Commie. Cuba is still an excellent travel destination. It has classical buildings, vintage cars, friendly people, cigars, rum, unspoiled beaches and fantastic music. The restaurants and hotels haven’t yet come up with capitalist rip-off prices you face in U.S., Asia and Europe travel.

If you’re interested, keep checking the internet for US to Cuba flight and travel package bargains. And before you book, be sure you comply with those bothersome, still-in-effect restrictions.

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