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As the internet gets more sophisticated, economy-minded senior wanderers can find info by just Googling the words travel sharing. The deals are happening all the time now all over the world.

Such interesting sites as Tripit, TrackMyTour, Airbnb and others allow you save many bucks on your travel plans. And just because you save money doesn’t mean you get less value for it.

Cut cruise costs in half by signing up to share a cabin. After all, when out to sea you actually spend just eight hours or less each day in the cabin. The other 16 hours are for enjoyable swimming, sunning, dining and interesting shore tours.

When in exotic resort cities like Miami, Malibu, Rio, Cannes and Acapulco, you don’t have to pay $500 a night to bunk at a snooty, crowded oceanside hotel. Instead you can loll in a shared private luxury villa by the beach for less than half the price.

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