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Scenario: Your tropical tour includes Arizona’s Grand Canyon or the beaches of Malibu or Manhattan’s Central Park. How to chill out depends on being a real cool senior. Let's discuss several ideas.

The simplest, no-cost way to beat the heat is to get up at dawn and out of the hotel just as the summer sun is beginning to peek over the horizon. Do your hiking, biking and jogging at that glorious cool hour. Street traffic will be light, low night temperatures still hanging in the air and birds just starting their morning songs. And all for free! Head on out to the nearest public park or seashore, nature trail or swimming pool. Take along a hearty lunch or buy it from a nearby deli or food stand. After several hours of exercise, find a secluded, shady spot to loll through the heat of the day.

Beat the summer heat with a cool travel schedule. Check with your favorite hometown or online travel agencies for all the specials and details. Book a cruise to icy Alaska, trek the Rocky Mountains or spend lazy, breezy days at a Maine seashore town.

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